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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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seconds that, people just didn't run at the moment. i can tell you many people did feel it. >> sure did. i've been in california 18 years now. >> what did you feel? >> i heard a boom, then, the building started to rattle. glasses clinging back and forth, and everything. >> about what? two second? >> yes. it's the biggest one i felt. >> this was a real abrupt shake. and there are wine glass that's shook. plates shook. and we had people at the bar that got up and moved away. so this is a pretty big earthquake. no damage. no damage. >> and i was at our daughter's across from berkeley. it and was a good jolt that woke us up. and there is our little dog wasn't a warning dog.
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it woke her up, too. >> what did you think? the big one? >> no. i grew up in berkeley. it was just, i'm glad to hear and feel smaller ones because i think that diffuses it a bit. and i hope that that is correct. >> we have video of sky 7 hopefully for you. you know the hayward fault is under the cal memorial stadium, which is undergoing retro fitting at the time. the contractors from web core said that all of his employees continued working and work will continue, tomorrow, now, city hall and berkeley police actually spoken with them. the police department did what they call a role call. that means is that they check with every plor to see if they're okay and there is
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everybody okay, and they're ordered and instructed to kault police department if they see any damage. so to report anything. so far, nothing according to berkeley city hall no, damage has been reported. city hall said they received a few calls regarding alarm systems but no damage so far. cal chance we spoke to as well. the bay bridge, fine, the auld yi cot tunnel, no problems. after driving and visiting the school here at berkeley we drove past the bay bridge and so far, you know, no reports of damage. the berkeley unified school district reporting none of the schools were affected and draft, after school programs
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and sports programs are running this afternoon. >> and you mentioned cal memorial stadium that has been reengineered so that would be one of the safest places to be, it's designed to sway back and forth. so i'm figuring construction workers are okay. and this quake takes place on the day of the great shake out when everybody is practicing earthquake preparedness. we have some facebook users reporting their comments on abc 7 and reported feeling it all over n dublin, writes i felt at 2:42. short jolt. the small chimes rang for a short time. and says in east oakland hitting hard and fast. and there this scared me. and henry wrote i'm on fill
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more street. there was a jolt followed by rolling. you can join the conversation at and we'd love to hear from you now, we know it was heartier than 3.9. it's a 4.0. >> right. >> right. moving on today, libyan rebels captured and killed the world's most-wanted man, muammar gaddafi. there is a warning some of you may find footage coming up a little disturbing. they discovered gaddafi hiding in this drainage pipe beneath a road in his hometown. he apparently held a gold plated gun in his hand. rebels beat him before shooting him to death. it sparked celebration ndz the streets of liba. and we have more on washington, d.c.. >> these are the gruesome final minutes of muammar gaddafi's life. libya's rebel government says he was cornered, shot and
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killed. word of the death triggered celebrations in the streets of trip yoly. -- tripoli. and caution at the white house. >> libya will travel a long, winding road to full democracy. there will be difficult days ahead. >> gaddafi seized power in 1969 and soon became one of the most fervent anti-americans, funneling oil revenues in terrorists n 1986 his agents targeted a berlin disco popular with american soldiers, president reagan ordered an air strike on the compound, two years later, gaddafi retaliated by blowing up a flight over lockerbie, scotland. after that, an about face. gaddafi condemned osama bin laden, began to give up nuclear weapons programs and in 2003, he accepted
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responsibility for the lockerbie bombing. >> do you think there will be an alliance between the united states and libya in your lifetime? >> russia and america, they were enemies. now, they're friends. we hope that one day we'll be friends, also he never lived to see that day. the president said the libyan people have a responsibility to build a toller -- tollerant and democratic society and said the u.s. will be a committed partner. >> less than an hour ago, police in the east bay gave details about an arrest in the fatal shootings of three young people in san leandro, shot to death as a tattoo party was ending this month. and wayne freedman joins us live to tell us what police are saying today. >> they're saying a little bit saying there is one man and they're looking for another. and let's begin with the mug shot of the man they arrested this morning. here is a praf photograph.
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he's a 20-year-old paul arthur stevenson the third. and they're holding him on suspicion of three counts of murder. and they were in a car with four other people and for reasons we don't know near a sargeant ted henderson. >> we've worked this investigation since the shooting occurred. and have developed substantial information. we have arrested one person, there is still one suspect outstanding. and is described as a black male. and wearing a dark or dark colored sweat shirt. we're looking for information for him. and the city is offering a $10,000 reward to the person that assists us with finding him that will lead to his
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arrest and conviction. >> and police arrested paul arthur stevenson this morning with help from the oakland police s.w.a.t. team. he is still the suspect here in san leandro with police, expecting the district toush to file murd skbrer attempted murder charges but they're not saying what degree they expect yet. police are also not saying whether the suspect is talking. they have yet to reveal types of guns, plural used in the shooting z it's a crime that has shocked and saddened this community and this evening, the police are definitely calling this progress. live in san leandro, abc 7 news. >> in richmond a security guard is in custody after a shootout that left another guard in critical condition. police say he nearly killed a child during this rampage.
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>> bullet holes everywhere at the crescent park security office. police say a 50-year-old doran long had an argument with a fellow guard and returned with weapons to finish the argument. >> responded to shots fired and shots by activation here. and one security officer was suffering from gunshot wounldz two, officers directed us, pointed out whot suspect was and said he was a security officer. >> we spoke with a resident who heard gunfire. >> my daughter, i answered are you okay? he yesterday i am. >> police say the night began in concord, long pumped 30 bullets into the house of a neighbor with whom he'd had a dispute about debris blowing into his yard, police say one bullet nearly killed a 9-year-old child. >> i've been there after the fact. the little girl in the house down there was shook up. the bullets went past her
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head. the mom was in there, sleeping. dad was out here, and shocked. >> and of all coyens yenss this woman lives at crescent park apartment complex but was staying with a relative two doors down from the shooting in concord. she's vaguely knew doran long. >> i've never had no problems at all. it's a shock. to visit my sister, then he is going way out there? i'm shocked. >> long captured after a brief car chase by officers and he's suspected back in richmond by tonight at the latest. the company managing the apartment complex are offering counseling to anyone who wants it. >> and part of northbound 101 is closed indefinitely after a crash involving a big rig and a fuel tanker this morning.
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take a look at live pictures of the back frup sky 7. only one lane is open between highway 116 and this happened at 6:30 this morning. according to chp, a fuel tanker stopped when another the tanker. about 1200 gallons of fuel spilled and crews are still working to try to clean up fuel and repave the roadway before it can reopen. >> there is time now for a check on the accu-weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is standing by. >> hi there. i want to show you what it's going to look like this evening. clouds out there. and they're at the coast. we're going to continue to see clouds. mid-50s mid-60s, mostly cloudy skies with exception of the northbound. looking at cool readings upper 50s to mid-50s and afternoon will be a sunny, warmer day for all areas from coast to
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inland, mid-60s to upper 70s, heading into weekend, temperatures going to rise more, you'll want to make plans to head to the beach. i'll be back to tell you how high temperatures will go in just minute autos thank you. >> just ahead are you sometimes confuse bid claims made by food labels? changes some are now recommending. >> later cleaning up. the new survey about laundry deterrent. what is best for you and the environment? >> and this afternoon, downtown, and pretty much the usual. it's a crawl a little bit better. and stay with us. we continue on the news at 4:00.
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we're getting a glimpse of the fear and emotion that took place inside of the cupertino quarry where a gunman killed three people and wounded seven others thorkts released calls for help, here are two of them, including one person whooz shot. >> cement plant and the quarry, someone shot everybody. >> so many people are shot? >> yes. five, six. >> okay. and almost everybody in the quarry. >> everybody is on the way. hold on one second. >> please, please! help the people. they're going to die in there! >> where are you shot? >> my -- in the arms, on my arms and i think one on my leg. i can't see. >> okay. >> blood is coming out everywhere. but its its not me i'm worried b my supervisor got two by by
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the heart. >> do you have cloths or towels? >> no. no. no cloth is going to stop what is going on here. have you seen a massacre? that is what it looks like here. >> and chilling phone calls. the shooter was a disgruntelled worker, shareef allman. police closed in on him a day after the shooting. >> facebook takes on the u.s. economy but first headlines on microsoft and yahoo. for those stories and more let's go to emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> this earnings parade continued. there two big businesses, windows and office, and office and server software may up for it. beating an qlaiftz reporting sales rose 7.3% in the first quarter thanks to corporate customers. to find this, microsoft failed to become a leader in smart
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phones and tab blets and now rushing to finish the new version of window that's can run on tab blets as pc shipments grow morely. microsoft shares have been on a roller coaster but some investors insist it's still a goodbye. and now, let's talk yahoo. bloomberg news reported it shurd be worth $18 to $21 a share. investors told bloomberg television the range demandz pendz on how a deal is structured. the company owns more than 5.3 million shares ofa noo. that interview he mentioned yahoo has significant assets. a day after sources says they're considering bids at 16ses today $18 a share. and in a conference in asia yahoo co-founder said yahoo isn't necessarily for sale n 2008 rejecting a $31 a share
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offer from microsoft. this year, stock trading around $11 a share, shares closed above $16 today. and most stocks made a late turn today. phone shall of a trillion dollars being deployed helped boost confidence. locally silicon valley index down less than 1%. facebook aims to tackle the unemployment problem teeming up with u.s. department of labor and three employment related agencies, initiative called social sqlobs partnership featuring a page with resources for job seekers. both labor department and facebook are hoping this will make some impact on the 9.1% unemployment rate. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> thank you. and time for our complete check of the forecast. >> yes. weather, sandhya said it's a warming trend.
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>> right z there are two to four degrees of warming inland. ait's been a different story along the coastline. expecting clouds to linger and that is what is happening. it's chilly near beaches, and we're expecting beach weather incoming days, inland areas enjoyed sunshine. mid-70s for livermore and fairfield now. upper 60s mountain view and san jose. there is coastal areas upper 50s to low 60s tlrk is a warmer day coming up tomorrow, and it's going to be beach weather and it's hard to believe now and readings into north bay and upper 40s here, clear skies and we'll she'd need to turn up the heat there. we'll see cloud cover filling in by morning hours. here is a look at the and this
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is a weak trough. bringing low clouds across the bay area and throughout the morning areas, watch what happens, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, clouds pull away and skies clear out tomorrow afternoon. and there is 60s coast side, 7 ows inland. going to be a nice-looking friday to end the week. you're coming up about four degrees. 68 in san francisco. and there is napa into mid-70s, 71 oakland, inland areas cles to average. livermore, 77 degrees. there is 65 in monterey. 77 in morgan hill. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's warmer everywhere tomorrow. the warm up continues for the weekend and there is mid-80s inland. low 70s along the coastline, temperatures arriving above
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normal at this time of the year, by early to middle of the week we're going to see a cooling trend dropping down into mid-70s range by tuesday. and low 60s at the coastline. and really no rain on the accuweather seven-day forecast soon, we're running higher than normal in terms of the rainfall. >> and this rain is coming soon. >> we're going to get through another weak or two. >> and october is a great time of the year. you get a chance to go out to the beach. >> weekend weather we're expecting. >> yes. >> and hol hi wood starlett is injured on the set. her co-star tweets about it. >> rachel smith has that and more from on the red >> hello from hollywood. big story today, more legal troubles from lindsay lohan. the actress showed up 40 minutes late to her community service in l.a. and was turned away by the coroner.
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the 25-year-old tweeted with stress and pressure from yesterday's day, i've never been so happy to go to therapy. sorry for the confusion i may have caused to those at the coroner's office, now, i know where to go. more legal drama in the trial against conrad murray. an expert testified there was no way michael jackson could have caused his death by swallowing propofol. reports say actress kristin stewart was injured on her set. one co-star tweeted quote, it's a rap for today, kristin hurt herself. the studio told otrc production has not been affected or delayed. more on the story on >> and still to come on the news at 4:00 new details about steve jobs regrets he had about his cancer treatment autos nen then, at 5:00 bay area athletes unite to get kids to jump start a life of good nutrition. >> and another check of traffic this, is 101.
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moving smoothly into both driks that the hour, stay with us. the news continues.
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checking healthy living news a report suggests food labels need a rating system to
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help shoppers pick out healthiest foods. and wants the fda to replace confusing clutter on food boxes. that would not replace nutritional facts on the back of foods but the institute wants labels on the front to show the most-important information for health. such as calories per serving and how big a serving is. and wants a symbol, like a star to tell how the food rates when it comes to fats, sodium and sugars. >> we're learning tonight that steve jobs regretted decisions made for the treatment of his cancer. the biographer of the book says the apple ceo told him he regretted the decision to try nalt tiff therapies first, the author says jobs was urged by his wife and others to try a potentially life saving procedure but waited nine months before getting the operation because he thought it was too invasive. several doctors have since said that was a big mistake. isaacson conducted 40
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interviews with jobs before his death. the book goes on sale on monday. >> and a quake shakes the bay area, coming up, new information on where waits centered and what people are saying about it. >> and another bay area visit from tea party candidate michelle bachmann. her reaction to the death of muammar gaddafi. >> from our east bay hills camera, marine layer hanging out all day long but will be making its way out tomorrow afternoon and will not return this weekend. what that means for temperatures coming up.
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the bay area dwt a shaking this afternoon. >> yes. i'm sure people felt it everywhere. people were calling us to say they felt a moderate earthquake. usgs measured it magnitude 4.0, occurring about 2:40 to afternoon. >> from the coordinates, quake centered two miles southeast of berkeley under the courtyard housing community. >> and there is a second quake hit the area almost 30 minutes later, as mentioned we received calls from viewers throughout bay area reporting they felt the quake an expert in menlo park explains why many people felt it throughout the bay area. >> there is large enough that
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it generates for a week shaking drought so not felt strongly throughout the san francisco bay area. >> the usgs says it's expecting to see after shocks but believe they'll be smaller than this afternoon and point out we can expect to experience perhaps a larger quake along the hayward fault. so that is unsettling. >> waits a reminder we need to be better prepare forward a big earthquake. >> so that is what kids all over the bay area did this morning, get prepared. the biggest quake drill held in california. the mayor ed lee practicing diving under a desk at san francisco williams cobb elementary. five million students
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participated stayedwide. officials hope they can use the lesson at home. >> this is oufr goal and hope they take it home to their families and talk about what they did today and the more you prepare, ahead of a disaster better off all of us will be. >> shoppers at a southern california target took part in the great shake out. and this year expanded to oregon, nevada and utah. >> turned out to be a right day to stage the shakeout. >> let's turn to michelle bachmann, a featured guest at the common wealth club. >> and mark matthews joins with us more. >> the minnesota congress woman sold out the club, critical of the president she doesn't like the occupy movement and thinks building a fence along the mexican border would be a good investment.
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>> thank you for that lovely introduction. >> a friendly audience greeted michelle bachmann, commenting on the death of muammar gaddafi. >> it's my hope that gaddafi's reign of terror will be replaced with a government that respects its people. in libya. >> she added she never supported the nato mission and will not take back considerate six of president obama going in. >> i would not put our united states military, our brave men and women in harm's way unless there is a clear national american interest. that is not done in libya. >> she considers iran to be the biggest threat to the united states but most of what she talked about were domestic issues. particularly her jobs plan. >> if america is to again regain footing as a competitive leader we must abolish the u.s. tax code and
4:34 pm
replace it. >> and she would enable companies to bring home more in earnings tax free. >> a low corporate tax rate innocent vizing american companies to return to america's shores in spur manufacturing here and that would benefit our people. >> final finally bachmann said she'd repeel government regulations. >> i will repeal massive government over regulation beginning with epa, killing thousands of jobs in the united states. >> the audience applauded and there were no protestors. >> i think she has good support here from a republican standpoint. >> does she have your support? >> oh. no. no.
4:35 pm
i'm obama. >> and i'd sate audience is about 60-40 split coming up at 6:00 how michelle bachmann is pushing the immigration debate and how democratic leaders are countering it. >> that event hosted by dan ashley. >> asking good questions. >> and occupy movement continues at justin herman plaza. attention today as city officials toured a camp checking on health and safety. vic lee joins us live from the plaza. that is the latest? >> this is starting to look like a tourist attraction. a photo booth moved in for people that want to get their pictures taken. and we also saw for the first time a team of city inspectors moving through encampment,
4:36 pm
talked with a protesters and toured the place. and you're right. at the beginning and and the inner agency safety team appeared for the first time. and there were observers from the health department, rec and park and animal control chbl first they were sus spishis. >> and tensions eased when the crowd realized they were not here to evict them. >> fire inspector and other members of the team explained they're here to help them comply. they want to list of the regulations. >> the team tour aid growing
4:37 pm
camp. at same time, volunteer nurses set up a tent. they won't distribute medication but will administer first aid, referring ill patients to city clinics and hospitals. >> there is some people i'm told someone is here with leukemia there have been people with upper respiratory infections so... we're here to support that in any way we can. >> there appears to be more tarps and tents every day. the protestors are violating park ordinances aprohibiting erecting structures and camping out. the mayor helps by continuing dialogue they'll remove tents. >> should there be inappropriate resistance, then i think the authority of the city has to be exercised, too. >> so as he implies the mayor reserved a right to come here to remove tents and tarps if
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they don't do it themselves. the big question of course is how long will the mayor's patience last? that is something did he not address today. >> thank you. >> and hard to believe there is a photo booth set up there. >> and coming up, it's the most diverse eco system on earth. just ahead amazing new discoveries under the sea. >> and latest innovations in laundry deterrent. how to get clothes clean without damaging the environment. >> and another check of traffic and things moving nicely on the approach to the golden gate bridge. most traffic today is smooth there. is a rare day here in the bay area, if traveling this weekend here is sandhya with the outlook. >> this is green lights across the country. la guardia, newark and jfk reporting a traffic management in effect. because of the weather, wind,
4:39 pm
arriveals delayed by 30-90 minutes, i'll be back with a look at the local forecast.
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researchers now believe think the have discovered 500 new species of life. >> that is more than first estimated when they got home from the largest expedition in the academy's history. and.
4:42 pm
>> this is unbelievable trip they made. scientists traveled to what they believe was the most diverse eco system on earth. and tonight they explore the ocean depths. bay area scientists trolled deep tea for eight day autos we know almost nothing about deep ocean. >> they set traps, some almost a mile and a half deep. when good, it's like christmas only more dangerous. >> i don't want to you touch it. >> every scientist is looking for specialty. and hoping for surprises. >> and there is a crazy quilt of retours here. >> large number bering sea cucumbers and others built for
4:43 pm
self-defense. >> they have this furry covering. >> senior scientists is excited by the fish. >> there are more kinds of living fishes than all of the rest. >> most of life in the deep sea is looking up, waiting for something to swim above it. >> the fish are prepared. >> they're under sized and have a little light-producing photo chorus, light organs. >> there is underwater this fish is not right red. the red light is absorbed into shallow surface water in a depth, the fish is gray. >> they are whisked off to a
4:44 pm
maze of laboratories. and the scientist has something knew this, worm found inside of another worm. a big, fat one with spikes. gary williams is a coral expert. and is getting a chance to see it alive. it's called black coral, but inside, it's block. and they're related to rolly polly pill bugs you find in the garden. >> this is an eel. >> it's too early to know if it's a significant find but is sure this one is a real treasure. >> there is a all of the sea creatures they catch trash. much of it plastic. >> in the deepest sea here, there is trash on the bottom.
4:45 pm
and is now competing with animal autos expedition scientists found reason to be hopeful. we have more about their grand adventure in a special presentation this weekend for reefs to rain forest. the great expedition, this saturday night at 10:00. it's great viewing for the family. >> and this is amazing they're still discovering new creature autos still to come at 4:00 a sombering anniversary remembering a massive fire storm. >> and consumer reports comes clean about laundry claims. 7 on your side will be here with the details. x     s
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formulas for laundry deterrents are continuing to change z invoations are discovered. >> and there are the results of ai recent survey of the top laundry deterrent autos who
4:49 pm
knew? consumer reports went to work washing hundreds of loads of laundry. tests covering 60 deterrents including new types that are advertised heavily. >> this commercial for drops promises to make doing laundry easier. arm and hammer is touting its new deterrent. >> the first gel detergent. it's maximum. >> hammers out dirt, soft z.chocolate. >> consumer reports tested these two detergent was dozens of others. many highlight they're concentrated. you'll see two times concentrated. three times you will tra and six times concentrated. consumer reports says while you use less of the detergents per load they aren't necessarily less expensive but
4:50 pm
do use less plastic packaging. a plus for the environment. to find out how well they clean, testers used swatches soaked with tough to remove stains like wine and grass z then, washed twhem the deter skbrent a full load of towels. >> we found there are plenty of detergent that's did a better cleaning job. >> for conventional top loaders consumer reports recommends wisk deep clean with stain spectrum technology. for high efficiency washers naming target's up and up fresh breeze a best buy. 11 cents a load. these days there are more and more detergents claim they're green, but consumer reports says the fact is that there are few regulations governing the claims. for cleaning power only one of the 14 so-called green
4:51 pm
detergents scored high enough to be recommended, seventh generations he powder. >> this weekend i'm going to come over and do laund skpri put this to 9 test at your place. >> 600 loads. >> laundry party. >> and there is combining forces to help special victims. the new unit opening for business today. >> and there is a music legend whark he is saying about his high school tonight.
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a last check of the accu-weather forecast this hour. >> we like it. >> dwlae. is right i hope you like it. it's going to be warmer into next couple days. we're looking you can see marine layer this afternoon. it's about 1600 feet deep.
4:55 pm
and if you're heading out of town there is 65 in tahoe, sunny tomorrow n los angeles there are warm weather, mid to upper 80s. there is temperatures qog up by about five to eight degrees tomorrow. 76 in san jose. 78 los gatos, cupertino mid 70s, plenty of sunshine. and 74 palo alto. and coast is freedz freezing with clouds today, not tomorrow. 63 degrees and blue skies, downtown san francisco, 68 degrees south san francisco, 67. north bay, 70s foremost of you. 73 san rafael. 77 santa rosa. and there is towards east bay, it's a mild afternoon. 71 in oakland. 72 hercules and hayward, inland areas mid-70s and there
4:56 pm
is a 73 in santa cruz, 78 degrees in gilroy. there are more 70s towards weekend and along the coastline. >> thank you. looks fantastic. >> there is mayor ed lee on hand for a ceremony for the first time, several investigative units will operate out of the same office in the hall of justice. >> officers focusing on crimes where victims have suffered from domestic violence and child and elder abuse. >> it is domestic violence wareness month. it's a major priority to make it an impression we have to take care of the vulnerable. >> there is a special area
4:57 pm
where children can play. and this is a partnership between the police and outside organizations. >> and oakland residents caused to remember what happened 20 years ago. the fire killed 25 people and destroyed 3300 homes and 400 apartments. >> and they joined for a ceremony today at a memorial guardian, firefighters say every anniversary should remind homeowners to clear brush around their property and eliminate hazard autos a few more property owners slack off. we need to keep that heighten add ware nets this is an area
4:58 pm
that we've had a catastrophic fire. >> and that is going to do it for us. >> you can keep track on twitter and you can talk about it as well. >> the news at 5:00 continue nouz with dan and cheryl. >> the bay area is rocked by a light earthquake that many thought was a lot larger. >> and libyans hold up a shiny example of muammar gaddafi's death. >> and steve jobs's one life changing regret is revealed. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. you may have felt a solid jolt this afternoon.
4:59 pm
>> and this is widely felt and was a 4.0 quake. and this is under the courtyard of clark center hougs community. we have the latest from berkeley tonight. >> this is in front of he. i'm just feet from it. the hayward kault is below the memorial stadium. so you know that there are workers felt a jolt. there is a big retro fit prog jekt going on here. and there was no damage, just, again, a big scare. the work here never stops and continued at this hour, people here on the campus, uc berkeley campus felt it of course and sate was short an


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